Alibaba Cloud

China’s leader in public cloud, the third largest Cloud player in the world according to Gartner, Alibaba has one of the best network accesses in China.

Our expertise

Following the deployment of numerous international companies on the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure in the Chinese domestic market, we have developed a know-how in administrative and legal management. With Chinese laws imposing a complex and differentiated system, we responded by opening an office in Shanghai. We have furthermore acquired all the skills required for managing the ALIBABA platform and its interconnection with other hybrid infrastructures.

Access to 40% of the Chinese market

Centralized technical solution

Administrative & legal support

Hybrid cloud management

Alibaba Cloud & Us

A partner for 5 years, with 5 certified engineers, we offer our managed services on Alibaba cloud hosting solutions, facilitating access to the Chinese market.


“Linkbynet is our first partner in France. The partnership began in 2014. Since, a close collaboration has been established between our two organizations at all levels. And we share the same strategic vision on the global market for cloud computing.  Linkbynet has a very strong global network. Its teams in APAC and China have helped us land many important projects with perfect professionalism.

We were especially impressed by Linkbynet’s team’s technological capabilities (cloud migration, cloud security, Devops etc.) as well as their deep understanding of the China and Asia market. Their end-to-end service, ranging from legal, consulting, pre-sales, to delivery, provides a comprehensive offering to our customers, supporting them at each step of their development in China and Asia.” Kevin Liu, Country Manager – Alibaba Cloud France

Our certifications