Our CSR approach

We live in a world full of paradoxes.
We race for speed, capacity, novelty…
We continue to consume in mass, to waste, to throw away… And in this context, digital technology represents the environmental footprint of a 7th continent.
To preserve human-being and their ecosystem, let us take up the challenge of resolving this paradox, let us transform, let us renew ourselves. We are all part of this.

Linkbynet is proud to act for the future!

Born 20 years ago to respond to the new needs for outsourcing and cloud computing, there was only one thing driving us forward: to associate service with innovation.

Our founders, Patrick and Stéphane AISENBERG, have always been committed to building a company focused on people, the backbone of transformation and growth.

Today, with more than 20 years have passed, our ambition remains: to raise awareness. and form lasting, value-bearing relationships.

We want to make a lasting impact in changing the mindset of our employees and partners to, among others, optimize the resources of our ecosystem.

Promote Responsible Business

Build sustainable offers and services by reducing the environmental impact of digital transformation.

Unlease the potential of our talents

Support our employees on a long-term basis by enhancing the attractiveness and loyalty of talent

Preserve our planet

Optimize the resources of our eco-system by reducing our energy consumption and waste.

Impact our ecosystem

Thanks to our Linktogether foundation, we support projects across our geographical locations to promote: digital education and equal opportunities and carbon footprint reduction.

And now you have it: Linkbynet is embarking on your journey to sustainable transformation. Together, let’s be co-responsible!