Cloud Advisor

​​We advise on and design
your cloud strategy,
you succeed in your
digital transformation.

Leverage technology to make
your applications business performant
in a holistic approach.

Addressing your challenges:


  • Cloud​
  • Data​
  • Application​
  • Platforms​
  • Infrastructure


  • Time to market​
  • Portfolio​
  • Organization​
  • Costs


  • Strategy​
  • Business​
  • Security​
  • Key stakeholders 

What are you searching for?

Journey to
Cloud Strategy

Define your cloud strategy
and your actionable plan


Transform and modernize your application to Cloud Native

Digital Factory

Drive your digital transformation throughout your business

Cloud Center of Excellence

Define and implement
your governance and management
to ensure full Cloud adoption

Transformation Program Management

Design and implement new operating models with ​Agile practices to deliver more value and lead transformation program

FinOps Start & Green IT

Estimate your Cost, TCO and ROI
to move to the cloud​
Define your Green IT KPIs
and action plan

Infrastructure Transformation Strategy

Audit your Infrastructure
and IT Services ​to Modernize
and outsource them


Audit & Compliance, Cloud, Application & Development Secured

Data & AI Strategy

Define and manage data
as a strategic corporate asset